8 Moments From The BTS “Cookie Run: Kingdom” Episode 1 That Were Pure Chaos

The world’s biggest boyband y’all.

BTS is collaborating with the mobile game “Cookie Run Kingdom” to create special storylines and characters based on individual members. The official YouTube channel of the game will be releasing a series of videos showing how each member curated their “kingdom” through fun games.

The first episode of the series came out recently, and in 16 minutes of it, things got chaotic. Here are some of the most BTS-esque moments from the episode:

1. They tried to make Jimin eat the set walls

When BTS walked into the dessert-themed set, they couldn’t help feeling like they had walked into the world of Hansel and Gretel. When Jimin said as a kid, he always wished to eat the walls of the gingerbread house in the story, the members instantly tried to convince him that the studio walls were edible and that he could fulfill his lifelong dream.

2. “Customs and Immigration”

While BTS were busy discussing how they were prepared to do a concert in the Cookie Run Kingdom after performing all over the world, a surprise guest walked in. While others were a little taken aback, RM asked, without missing a beat, if he was from the customs and immigration department. Spoiler: he was not. He was GingerBrave, just a good old Cookie Run character.

3. V’s unique dessert

The BTS members were listing out their favorite desserts one by one when V said his most beloved dessert is the grains that get stuck on his shirt after eating rice. Jungkook chimed in, saying that the dish was “A delicacy,” followed by Suga saying that his mouth was watering at the thought. RM concluded the high-end culinary commentary with his observation that V’s choice of dessert is “Perfect with Iced Americano.

4. Asking for a stadium in the game

The first day on the job and RM was already in the studio making customized requests to the game developers. Regarding the things they wanted in their kingdom, RM asked for a stadium to be added to the map because BTS must perform in every universe.

5. “Roll cake.”

All the members were busy reminiscing about childhood candies when V struck again with his one-of-a-kind taste. Apparently, as a child, he was crazily addicted to the “roll-cakes,” usually served at 70th birthday parties.

6. “Holly has a toy like that.”

Jimin was trying to explain that childhood innocence is the most precious thing in his kingdom. Though the idea is abstract, he represented it through a colorful drawing. Suga gave his insight, saying that his puppy Holly has an exact-looking toy.

7. Childhood innocence vs. money

Jin was disgruntled that Jimin “stole” his idea of childhood innocence as the treasure of his kingdom (he didn’t; they just had the same thing in mind). So, when it was his turn to present his kingdom’s treasure, he decided to go with “The complete opposite: wealth.” When J-Hope playfully teased him, asking if money is the most important thing in life for him, a flabbergasted Jin replied, “Is there anyone who doesn’t think money is important?

8. Heath Ledger documentary

Talking about charming villains, Suga revealed that he likes the character of Joker. So, V asked him if he had seen the Heath Ledger documentary, and Suga answered no. V then matter-of-factly replied the documentary is still in the making process.


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