BTS’s V Appears As The First Post On An Espresso Martini Instagram Account, Here’s How It Happened

His impressive network of celebrity friends resulted in the iconic post.

BTS‘s V recently appeared in the debut post on an espresso martini review Instagram page, Press The Espresso, looking incredible in his luxury CELINE outfit with his warm blonde hair that complements his skin tone and a picturesque Parisian background with a sunset to complete the picture-perfect photo.

As one of only two posts on Press The Espresso, many wondered how the talented BTS member ended up there and quickly found the unexpected answer.

BTS’s V | @presstheespresso/Instagram

V departed Incheon Airport on June 30, looking trendy, chic, and casual in an all-CELINE outfit as he greeted the waiting press and ARMYs.

BTS’s V at Incheon Airport on June 30.

V was originally headed to Paris to attend CELINE’s spring collection show on July 2, which was canceled amid growing protests in multiple cities throughout France.

The BTS member instead connected with fellow CELINE global ambassador, actor Park Bo Gum, both in outfits from the luxury designer, as they welcomed fans to Paris.

Park Bo Gum wasn’t the only fellow celebrity V was able to meet up with during his Paris trip, which was how he ended up on the Press The Espresso page.

In 2020, BTS’s V announced in a live stream with RM that he had frequently listened to the British pop trio New Hope Club and shared that their sound inspired him.

New Hope Club member Blake Richardson responded to the shout-out and reached out to V on Twitter to extend an invite to write songs together.

V responded with a cool, “All right let me know 🤠” via the BTS members’ shared Twitter account.

In 2022, Blake Richardson and V met at CELINE’s menswear collection show in Paris, showing off their friendship with a hug.

In an interview with Weverse Magazine a few months later, Blake described his experience meeting the fellow global star and again expressed his hope that they could collaborate in the future.

New Hope Club’s Blake Richardson | @newhopeblake/Instagram

V initially mentioned that he was a big fan of New Hope Club and played a lot of our music on live streams. And obviously, we love the music of BTS. We have huge respect for their success and the hard work that they put in. When I met him, he was super nice and told me that he was a big fan of our new songs. I definitely hope we can do something together in the future.

— New Hope Club’s Blake Richardson

The two were able to meet again during V’s current trip to Paris, where they were joined by Blake Richardson’s girlfriend, American actress Bailee Madison, Chinese actress Teresa Li, and Peter Utz, CELINE’s head director of couture and events, who took the photo.

Bailee Madison created the Press The Espresso page as a “gal who loves espresso martinis” and promises “professional and honest reviews.”

Her first of two posts featured BTS’s V, and he was rated 11/11 for his company.

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Source: Weverse Magazine


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