New Hope Club Gives A Shout Out To BTS’s V After He Mentions Them On Live Stream

Would you like to see this collab happen?

BTS’s V and RM held a short live stream before performing at KBS Music Bank and talked with fans about what they’ve been up to.

V talked about participating in an OST for the JTBC drama Itaewon Class as well as him working on new songs that he will promote later.

He also revealed that he listened to a lot of New Hope Club and wanted to refer to their music style.

After the live stream, New Hope Club’s Blake Richardson gave a shout out to V through Twitter asking to write some songs together.

New Hope Club’s official Twitter also asked for a possible collab as well.

They also retweeted the video of V talking about them and referring to their music.

Fans who saw the Tweet were all for the collaboration and hoped to see something from them soon.

What do you think about this collab? Yay or nay?