ARMYs Notice An Unexpected Detail About BTS V “Rainy Day” MV — And It’s All For The “Real” Star

It could explain the POV of the video!

BTS‘s V has made ARMYs soft after a heartwarming detail in his “Rainy Day” music video, all related to the real star of the video.


One of the most beautiful bonds in K-Pop is between V and his dog Yeontan.

ARMYs have watched the small dog grow and interact with all of BTS, becoming the extra member of the group. It’s also obvious how much V adores Yeontan, and he isn’t afraid to share his love whenever possible.

BTS’s V and Yeontan | Naver x Dispatch
| Naver x Dispatch

V is set to release his debut solo album Layover in September.

Before any of the tracks were unveiled and V was teasing fans with what to expect, ARMYs noticed that Yeontan had to be the debut star. He was in the photos, on Spotify, and even on the cover of the album box.

On August 11, V treated fans with another pre-release video for his song “Rainy Rains,” and it was another visual masterpiece.


Of course, Yeontan made several appearances during the video…


While netizens couldn’t stop gushing over the “true star” pf the movie, ARMYs noticed a heartwarming detail that they couldn’t get over. During the video, ARMYs noticed that a lot of the colors and shades seen in the video were in blue and yellow tones.

Netizens noticed that blue and yellow are some of the only shades that dogs can see in, making it seem like the music video was filmed from the perspective of Yeontan.

As always, it’s the small details in V’s projects that touch the hearts of fans the most. In particular, with Yeontan being a huge part of the album, the details to include him really had ARMYs soft.

Below, you can read more about the details of V’s upcoming release, including Yeontan.

BTS’s V Is Wowing ARMYs With The Small Details In His “Layover” Teasers — But Also The “Real” Star Of The Album