BTS’s V Raises “Running Man” Viewership Ratings By Being A Guest — Netizens Respond

“V’s good at games, funny, handsome, and everything above.”

BTS‘s V recently appeared on Running Man, making both ARMYS and the broadcasting station happy.


The episode of the SBS variety show Running Man that aired on September 10 achieved a nationwide household rating of 4.0% and a target audience rating of 2.3% for viewers aged 20-49, making it the top entertainment show in its time slot.

Additionally, the highest minute-by-minute viewership rating reached 5.3%. Furthermore, digital pre-release and interview clips published on YouTube and other platforms gained nearly 2 million views in just two days.

V (left) and Yoo Jae Suk (right) | SBS

Throughout the episode, V showcased his sense of humor and seamlessly integrated into the Running Man atmosphere. He even ranked the Running Man members in order of who resembled him the most based on their side profile.

In response to a post about V’s Running Man episode hitting high viewership ratings in an online community, netizens had nothing to say but praise about V.

| theqoo
  • “Yesterday was fun. V is really good at variety programs. And he’s also so handsome.”
  • “Ooh, it must’ve been fun. I should watch it.”
  • “It was so fun. I watched Running Man for the first time in a long time.”
  • “He’s so handsome and cute, hehehehe.”
  • “It was super fun yesterday, LOL.”
  • “Yesterday was freakin’ fun, LOL. Since ‘Jinny’s Kitchen,” V is my mom’s pick. LOL She said he’s handsome, works well, and speaks kindly.”
  • “Yesterday was frickin’ fun, especially the last game.”
  • “V has such a sense for entertainment. His face is amazing, too.”
  • “Handsome V is also good at variety shows, too.”
  • “It was fun simply watching his face lol. His white eyes caught my eye.”
  • “I hope he does more variety programs.”
  • “It is usually one guest per episode? I don’t watch TV, but I watched it for V and noticed there was editing here and there. I wish they would make it a two-part series.”
  • “It was adorable seeing how much V likes ‘Running Man.'”
  • “It was so much fun yesterday. My dad laughed out loud, which he rarely does, and it was because of the sliding game. LOL I was sad it was so short, but still, it was cute.”
  • “Makes sense since most people watch ‘Running Man’ on Wavve… 4% is quite good. I enjoyed yesterday’s episode.”
  • “You have no idea how much my family laughed, haha.”
  • “His face was so much fun. How can a human face look like that?”
  • “I had fun watching it. V is great at variety shows. I hope he becomes a regular on a show.”
  • “It was so fun. Even the males in my family were cracking up. He’s handsome yet good at broadcasting and has a great sense👍👍.”
  • “Yesterday’s ‘Running Man’ episode was so fun, no wonder LOL. I knew V was handsome but didn’t know how cute and hilarious he was. LOL.”
  • “He seems smart. I wish he would come out on TV variety shows often.
  • “V’s good at games, funny, handsome, and everything above, hahaha.”
| @sbs_runningman_sbs/Instagram

At the beginning of his appearance on the show, V revealed that Running Man is the only show he watches while eating. At the end of the episode, V said he felt he had checked off an item on his bucket list and expressed his desire to return to the show.


Source: Daum and theqoo

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