BTS’s V Gives A Relatable Reaction To RM’s New Hair, But He Gets Some Exclusive Privileges

His wish got granted just like that!

Since the BTS members kicked off their soloist eras, it has been growingly difficult for fans to see them interact, owing to their military enlistments and busy schedules. So, a recent interaction between member RM and V felt like a treat.

BTS’s V (left) and RM (right)

RM recently debuted his new hair, a dramatic change from his previous style, with an almost shaved head. Initially, fans assumed that it was an indication of his enlistment, but the rapper later nonchalantly explained that he chopped it off because of the heat.

The new hairstyle earned him the nickname of Sylvanian Mole from fans, and he happily got on board, even changing his Instagram display picture to a photo of the character.

The short buzzcut also added a new edge to his visuals on the cover of Dazed Korea, sending ARMYs into a frenzy.

But fans are not alone in the fanclub of RM’s new hair. BTS member V has also declared his fondness for it through Instagram!

| @thv/Instagram

RM recently shared a photo dump of his recent whereabouts on Instagram, including his museum visits and piano practice sessions. A few days after the post was uploaded, V left some comments under it, calling his hair “cute” and saying that it makes him want to pat RM’s head.

RM later responded, saying he would allow V to pat his head just once.

The brief interaction has drawn all kinds of reactions from fans. While some are nostalgic about when the BTS members would tease each other under their Instagram posts, others are busy relating to V’s conundrum.

At the same time, ARMYs can’t help feel jealous of V getting exclusive privileges to actually pat RM’s head.

But given how rarely the BTS members get to interact with one another in public, they are glad to have at least these brief exchanges to keep them in the loop.