BTS V Reveals How The BTS Members Comforted Him After He Burst Into Tears Due To The Pressure Of “Hwarang”

“At first I had a fighting attitude…but I was so nervous, I wasn’t sure what to do…”

On a recent episode of BTS‘s YouTube Red series Burn the Stage, V opened up about the hardships he faced while preparing for his first ever drama, Hwarang. 


As the first BTS member to take on the challenge of acting, V felt a lot of pressure as he was represent the whole group.

“‘Oh, is he in BTS? He’s good at acting!’ or ‘He’s in BTS? BTS kids really can’t act.’ These are the only two ways people could react. That put on a lot of pressure since then, and I thought I had to do well.” — V


He admitted that the pressure and stress prevented him from doing his best on set.

“At first I had a fighting attitude and I said to my members ‘I can do this, just believe in me!’ but I was so nervous I forgot my lines and wasn’t sure what to do.” — V


The members noticed he was feeling very down, but V didn’t admit to his hardships at first.


Eventually, it all came to a head and he first spilled it out to Jimin — the member closest to his age.

“For the first time, when I was alone with Jimin — I cried it out and told him how I couldn’t focus on anything. He worried a lot about me.” — V


Then the BTS members all sat down and talked to V about his situation.

“They told me ‘We can’t fix this for you, but we’re here to give you support.’ That comforted me so much.”  — V


From that point on, V realized that there is no need to keep his feelings to himself because his members will be there for him no matter what!

Source: Insight


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