BTS’s V Reveals His Newly Shaved Head As He Prepares For Enlistment

He posted the long-awaited pictures on Instagram 😍

After the sudden announcement a few days ago, BTS‘s V and his bandmates RM, Jimin, and Jungkook are all gearing up for their military enlistment.

V will enlist together with RM on December 11, and as part of his preparation, the idol has undergone a significant transformation by shaving his hair — a common practice for those about to enter military service in South Korea.

Just minutes ago, V took to Instagram to unveil his new look, surprising fans worldwide. He posted a picture where he’s seen sporting a buzzcut, a stark contrast to his usually styled hair. The photo, captioned “D-1,” indicates a countdown to his enlistment date.

| @thv/Instagram

Despite the drastic change — the BTS star is infamous for the beautiful perm we’re used to seeing him in — V looks as handsome as ever. In the picture, which is already making the rounds on social media, he’s donning an orange leather jacket, a blue neck scarf, and a pair of stylish shades, maintaining his reputation as a fashion icon.

| @thv/Instagram

The Instagram post features not just one, but three photos of V with his new haircut. One of the pictures reveals a more personal side of V, where he shares that he’s always wanted to try the “shaved hair with shade” look, seizing this opportunity to fulfill this dream.

| @thv/Instagram

In another photo, V is seen holding a cake, seemingly celebrating his illustrious career with BTS. The final image presents V as a gift to fans, with a cute ribbon tied around his head, adding a whimsical charm to his new military-ready appearance.

| @thv/Instagram
| @thv/Instagram

V’s sudden hair transformation has sparked a flurry of reactions on Twitter, with fans expressing a mix of surprise and admiration.

While they wholeheartedly embrace his new look, the BTS fandom, known as ARMY, is also grappling with the reality of his impending absence. V’s enlistment — following Jin, J-Hope, and Suga‘s recent departures for the same reason — marks a significant moment for BTS and their fans, as they continue to support each member’s journey through this mandatory chapter of their lives.

As V steps into this new phase, the buzzcut symbolizes a new beginning, and while fans will miss his presence, they remain proud and supportive of his dedication to serving their country.