Netizens Can’t Get Over The Hilarious Differences Between BTS V’s And RM’s Workout Routines

“V just exposed my daily schedule…”

BTS‘s V surprised fans when he showcased his workout regime with ARMYs… but it was very different from leader RM!

BTS’s RM and V

It is no secret that BTS is in amazing shape, and RM and V are no exception, as they always shock fans with their unreal physiques and proportions.

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BTS’s RM has always gained attention for his physique, and the idol has showcased the hard work that goes into maintaining his body on Instagram. ARMYs can’t hide their shock when RM posts photos of his workouts, and even though some have cute drawings, it doesn’t hide the intensity.

On July 20, BTS’s V surprised fans when he shared his own workout with ARMYs. While it wasn’t certain who wrote the workout, it was definitely very different from RM’s, with the options being more relaxed… followed by some dancing!

While nobody knew whether it was V joking about RM’s workout or the BTS leader writing his own workout, it was hilarious to see the differences between the workouts. Many also joked about how relatable V’s workout was and that it was something they could definitely do, compared to the rigorous steps RM goes through.

If that wasn’t enough, shortly after BTS’s V posted his unique workout, the idol went on Weverse live (twice) to showcase his skills. As expected, compared to other workout broadcasts, it was much more light-hearted, with the idol dancing and having fun with ARMYs while he was working out.

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| BTS/Weverse
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Of course, it wouldn’t be surprising if V has a similar workout to RM but wanted to make it more fun for ARMYs to watch. V’s body is also in amazing condition, but it wouldn’t be surprising if many took the idol’s “workout” and did it themselves, as it seems like a lot of fun.

Source: BTS/Weverse and @thv