BTS’s V Is A Multilingual King And Here’s Proof

He proved his knowledge of English, French, and more!

Whether he admits it or not, BTS‘s V is quickly becoming the king of languages!

He’s had his adorable struggles in the past, like the time he walked away from a Chinese interviewer without realizing what question she asked.

He’s also done his fair share of trial and error with English…

…and has nailed it on occasion, like when he flawlessly discussed the Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima!

During his mandatory post-travel quarantine, V took to Weverse to let ARMYs know he’s spending his time watching YouTube and studying English. However, he went on to say how difficult it is…in perfect English!

Despite his incredible English skills, he still thinks it’s hard. Luckily, he has some friends who can help!

When a fan recommended he asks RM for some help, V’s thoughtful response showed how caring he is.

I can’t bother his precious vacation.

— V

He even went on to tell ARMYs “J’ai tellement faim” (I’m hungry), proving his multilingual talents never stop! At this rate, V might not need RM’s skills to help him become a master of languages…but it could always help!