Staying ‘Til Late VS. Going Home Early — The Difference Between BTS’s V And RM Drinking Habits As Proven At Lil Uzi Vert’s After-Party

Which are you?

Recently BTS‘s V and RM attended an after-party for rapper Lil Uzi Vert. The rapper had performed in South Korea, inviting a select few to his exclusive after-party.

V turned on a Weverse Live after returning home from the event, entertaining fans with his adorable antics. He was endearing, with how much he wanted to communicate with fans through the live stream. Despite being at a party, he could only think of his fans!

I went to the after-party with Namjoon hyung. I drank some alcohol there, and I came right home, in case I got drunk. What was so funny was, it was so noisy there, but I was screaming like “I want to do a Weverse Live! Let’s do one here!” I thought that it would be a bit weird to do a Weverse Live at the party, so I took a taxi home and turned it on here.

— V

On the other hand, RM also kept thinking about ARMY. As the group’s leader and unofficial PR-person, he stayed a little longer at the party, mingling with the other guests. RM is also known to have a higher alcohol tolerance than V. He made sure to tune in to V’s live stream even while he was still at the party, dropping his comments on the stream. RM ended up going home around 1.40am KST that day.

RM commenting on V’s live stream. | theqoo

RM made sure to show his love for V and the fans. Here’s all his comments on the stream.

  • Taehyung-ah.
  • You did great.
  • I’m going home too.
  • I love you.
  • That’s right.
  • You left without even saying bye.
  • Such a pity.
  • Do it next time.
  • I drank so much.
  • LOL.
  • See you again.
  • Lezzgo.
  • Good night!

Fans couldn’t help but coo over the boys’ sweet friendship, and how innocently adorable V’s habits were.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • He’s so handsome. What’s up with his aegyo towards his hyung? I love you.
  • He’s so innocent, compared to how he looks. He’s so pretty and handsome.
  • It’s so cute how he smiled as soon as he saw RM’s comments. They both have so much aegyo towards each other.
  • They’re both so warm.
  • His self-management is amazing.
  • I love the R&V (R&B) vibes in BTS, even with regards to their finished recorded work. They’re both so cute.
  • It’s so good to see how he manages himself well even in this aspect. He controls himself.
  • How cool.

It’s nice to see celebrities making sure to keep themselves in check, while still slaying at their jobs.

Source: theqoo