BTS V’s Love For Animals Comes Back To Bite Him On “Run BTS!”

“Can’t I love animals?”

V went from being a noble warrior to Public Enemy #1, and it’s all because of a cat!

V (left) and Jimin (right) | Run BTS!/V LIVE

In Episode 147, tensions rose and hilarity ensued when the time came for BTS to unmask a pair of thieves. Using the clues collected from previous episodes, the members tried to guess who among them was innocent and who was guilty.

In the previous episode, V cared less about finding the headstone than he did about petting this kitty. While his members played detective, V snuggled up with his new friend…

…until it tried to bite him. (So ungrateful!)

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

Unfortunately, V didn’t know this would land him in hot water. Since most of the fingerpointing was directed at SugaJin, and poor, innocent Jungkook, V wasn’t too worried about his fate. That all changed when found out he could be spanked as a penalty!

| Run BTS!/V LIVE 

V threw Jungkook under the bus faster than you can say, “this friendship is over.” 

| Run BTS!/V LIVE 

Of course, Jungkook accused V right back, and this sparked more accusations. Why wasn’t V interested in finding clues? Why did he hang out with a cat all day?

Jungkook (left) and V (right) | Run BTS!/V LIVE

It wasn’t all day! It was only for five minutes! “Can’t I love animals?” V protested. Is that a crime? Apparently, yes.


In the end, V wasn’t picked to hold the ARMY headstone, but he was also innocent. The true spies were Jin and Suga!

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