BTS’s Jungkook Gets Sabotaged By His Own Shyness

He went from innocent to guilty in a flash.

If it isn’t confusing and chaotic, it isn’t Run BTS! 

Jungkook | Run BTS!/V LIVE

In Episode 147, the missing ARMY headstone was finally found, and its thieves were apprehended, but not before all hell broke loose in the Joseon Dynasty. It was up to BTS to suss out the spies in their midst, using clues and deductive reasoning.

Meanwhile, the thieves weaponized manipulation and blatant lies to evade capture! Every time the innocent “citizens” thought they had the right suspects, seeds of doubt made them change their minds.

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At first, Jungkook was barely on the radar, but a single clue changed everything. The spy was shy! Since this clue was about a BTS member’s real personality, not their character’s, Jungkook suddenly became Suspect #1.

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Jungkook is a charismatic powerhouse onstage, but from BTS’s trainee days until now, he has always been one of the shyest members offstage. Little did he know that this would sabotage him one day!

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Jungkook protested, sticking to his story. He wasn’t the thief, he said, claiming the clue no longer applies to him. He isn’t the same shy person he was in the past! (Or should we say future? This time travel is getting confusing…)


Jungkook’s members weren’t convinced. Jimin, in particular, was adamant about Jungkook’s guilt. He accused the not-shy singer of acting innocent just to get his hands on the ARMY headstone!

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As if these false accusations weren’t enough, Jungkook was tricked into thinking he was a thief after all!

BTS’s Jungkook Was Innocent In The Latest “Run BTS!” But The True Thieves Nearly Convinced Him That He Was Guilty


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