ARMYs Raise Concerns For BTS V’s Safety After A Fan’s Actions At The CELINE Event In Japan

“Please don’t do this ever again…”

ARMYs have raised anger after seeing a fan’s lack of respect for BTS‘s V at a recent CELINE event in Japan.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

On August 23, V attended an event in Japan for CELINE. From the minute the idol stepped out of the car, V couldn’t help but greet all the fans who had waited for him.

Even in photos, the smile on V’s face was undeniable as he greeted all the fans waiting.

Even while he was in the shop, he couldn’t help but interact with fans.

While V was obviously enjoying interacting with fans, ARMYs raised anger after noticing the behavior of one person in the audience as the idol was leaving the CELINE store. As V was walking back to his car, it wasn’t surprising that the idol was wary as he was walking through the huge crowd of fans.

However, ARMYs shared their anger as a video showed that while V was nearly in his car, someone in the crowd tried to grab the idol’s hair.

When the video was posted, while netizens understood that fans were excited to see V, they needed to remain respectful toward the idol, especially when he seemed eager to interact with the crowd throughout the event.

While it’s not surprising the fan wanted to get close to V, there should be boundaries, and it could’ve easily been very dangerous for the idol.

You can read more about the event below.

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