BTS’s V Just Said “I Love You” In Filipino, And Pinoy ARMYs Are Freaking Out

Are you guys still alive?!

BTS‘s V just made Filipino fans incredibly happy!

He held a short online broadcast on July 24 where he played music and conversed with fans one-on-one.  At one point, he made Pinoy ARMYs go wild when he said, “Mahal ko kayo.” This directly translates to “I love you” in Filipino.

Of course, everyone couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed because of that one sentence! “Mahal ko kayo” and similar key words trended on Philippine Twitter right away.

Fans appreciated the effort that he put into recalling the sentence on his own. After saying “I love you” in other languages, he paused for at least ten seconds to remember how to confess, “Mahal ko kayo.”

With the sweet music playing in the background, it was the perfect romantic moment! The song “At Last” by Etta James gave an intimate atmosphere that made it seem like V was talking to fans individually.

It’s hard to think that we survived such an iconic clip!

V is known as one of the members who frequently professes their love for Pinoy fans in their own language. He’s said the coveted “I love you” in previous online broadcasts and concerts, always crashing the internet soon after.

He’s the sweetest!

Source: NAVER Live