BTS’s V Says He Sparred With Jungkook, And ARMYs Are Begging To See The Video

Release the footage, Jungkook and V!

BTS‘s V and Jungkook sparred, and ARMYs are really hoping there’s footage!

BTS’s V (left) and Jungkook (right) | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Ever since he opened his personal Instagram account, Jungkook has been wowing ARMYs with videos of his boxing skills.

V commented on Jungkook’s latest boxing video on January 27 and said, “Let’s do some sparring soon.”Β 

Of course, ARMYs were eager to see V and Jungkook boxing with each other, and they even tried to guess how the fight would go.

Even though it’s been a while since V said he wanted to spar with Jungkook, ARMYs haven’t stopped talking about it. An ARMY on Weverse asked, “When are you going to do the boxing sparring????”

Surprisingly, V said, “I did it already.”

ARMYs were shook to find out that V and Jungkook had already sparred, and they took to Twitter to say how much they wanted to see footage of their sparring session.