BTS’s V Continues To Share Support For The Lucky ARMY He Met Through His Social Media

Googles: “How to be that ARMY?”

BTS‘s V has continued to melt the hearts of netizens after his actions after a video was posted of him meeting an ARMY.

BTS’s V | @lilac_wht/Twitter

On August 31, V melted the hearts of fans when he met one lucky ARMY called Kim Hayoung and spent the day with her. Whether it was chatting in a cafe, playing games, or just chilling out, his actions were truly heartwarming.


After the episode aired, V made sure to promote the video on his Instagram…

He then surprised fans after sharing that Hayoung had shared an update with the idol about the progress of her studies and that she had been accepted into the school that she wanted.

I’m contacting you after a long time.
Did you have any damage from the typhoon before??!!
No other than that, the announcement of successful candidates for the Army School Corps came out today, and I think I should let you know first. I passed!!
I feel proud to be a truly proud ARMY now.
It’s hot these days, so be careful of the heat and have a good day!!!
Way to go for it!!!

— Hayoung

V then shared his congratulations, and it definitely melted the hearts of ARMYs.

I got this [message] from the writer [of the show]. Congratulations!!!

— BTS’s V

If that wasn’t enough, V and Hayoung took some adorable pictures in a classic photobooth during the video.

When the photos came out, V said that he would keep them at home.

Of course, V kept to his word, and along with the message from Hayoung and sharing his congratulations, V also shared a photo of the pictures they took on the day.

Of course, V has cemented more than ever just how much he loves ARMYs and the adorable relationship he has with them.

You can read more from the episode below.

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