BTS’s V Shares Details About The “Healing Song” He Wrote For ARMY

This new song for ARMY may be featured on the OST for “Itaewon Class”.

On March 6, the production team for Itaewon Class confirmed BTS V‘s potential participation on the show’s soundtrack. V has now shared details about this new “healing” song.

Shortly after initial reports about V’s involvement came out, V and RM hosted a live broadcast while waiting to perform on Music Bank.

In this “R&V” broadcast, they talked about V’s MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 solo, “Inner Child”, and his current songwriting projects. The song V refers to here is believed to be the one for Itaewon Class. 

“Among the songs that I made, this song is…” V said. “It’s my type. Yeah. I love this song.” According to RM, V was actively involved with the song’s composition. V and the staff searched for the right instruments to match with the particular sound V had in mind.

V wrote the song while abroad, without thinking about its success in terms of “ranks” or “grades”. His goal was to create a healing song for ARMY.

I don’t want to think about ranks. I don’t want to relate this song to grades. Regardless of grades, I hope this song could heal ARMY when they listen to it. [. . .] I just worked hard to make the fans happy.

— V

“When we work, to be honest,” V said. “we only appear on the show. And that’s it. I just wanted to give more to ARMY in other ways for them to heal.” 

With more cases of COVID-19 being reported every day, there has never been a better time for a healing song. “I’m pretty sure it will heal many people,” RM said.

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