BTS’s V Shares His Experience With Feeling Burnt Out And How He Copes With It

He’s no stranger to the feeling.

On November 20, BTS held a global press conference in Seoul for their latest album BE.

One of the questions member V was asked was regarding the way he copes with feeling burnt out.

How do you overcome feeling burnt out?

— Reporter

Considering BTS’s history of having hectic work schedules, it isn’t surprising that the members have experienced the harmful physical and mental effects of overworking.

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V didn’t hide his honest thoughts on the matter, revealing that he often felt it in the past.

Honestly, I’ve been burnt out before, I know the feeling. In the past, I had a hard time because it hit me directly.

— V

Fortunately, he was able to overcome it by channeling his innermost thoughts and feelings into writing lyrics.

Recently, however, I think I was able to overcome it by expressing those feelings into lyrics and music.

— V

He ended by expressing satisfaction with his work: “I feel thrilled and accomplished by it“.

Watch BTS’s music video for “Life Goes On” below!

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