BTS’s V Shares The Real Reason Why He Chose To Include A Boston Bag In His Merch Collection

V’s too funny for his own good 😂

BTS‘s “Artist-Made Collection” has ARMYs grabbing their credit cards and opening Weverse shops as per the official merchandise release schedule in hopes of scoring one of the members’ self-designed merch items.

| BTS Official Facebook

Jin and RM already had sold out merch drops earlier last week, and now we have more to look forward to! V did not disappoint as it was revealed that his merchandise included a Mute Boston Bag in a color palette that is very “V-like” and brooch pin sets that were drawn and designed by V himself.

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter
| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

In Weverse‘s “Making-of Log” from V, we see the behind the scenes process of him thinking of the idea and creating the bag and brooches for ARMYs.


V, the tastefully hilarious King, told producers that he wanted to make the Boston bag for himself because he likes carrying the style of bag around so much.

It definitely gave ARMYs a bit of a laugh.

But V made sure to let ARMYs know that the brooches were definitely made for them.

Just not the Boston bag.

ARMYs found this tidbit so funny they took to Twitter to post some LOL-worthy memes.

With the excitement and hype over V’s merch collection, we’re sure his line will also sell out just like his hyungs’.

ARMYs are excited to say the least!

We can’t wait to see more of BTS’s self-created merch! Check out Suga‘s collection below.

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