BTS’s Suga’s Official Merch Photos Have Dropped And ARMYs Are In Love

These are so thoughtfully made.

As BTS releases each of their member specific “Artist-Made Collection” lines, ARMYs are stuck between feeling excitement over what each member designed for ARMYs and feeling dread over the thought of spending even more money they don’t have.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Older members Jin and RM successfully launched their collections last week with the super cute pajama sets and thoughtful wind chime and joggers.

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

BTS’s V‘s line was comprised of a Boston Bag and brooch sets that were designed by Vanté (V’s artist persona) himself.

Now it’s Suga‘s turn and his merch line couldn’t be any more Suga-like!

The Official HYBE merch Twitter account tweeted pictures of the Guitar Pick Necklace and Black Note & Cover Set that are a part of Suga’s “Artist-Made Collection.”

ARMYs felt that Suga’s line of merch was very “min yoongi of him.”

And they’re definitely fans of it!

Upon closer inspection, ARMYs noticed that the Guitar Pick Necklace looked a lot like a couple necklace!

ARMYs loved the collection so much they even trended “I WANT IT” and “I WANT THIS SO BAD” on Twitter.

Suga’s merch is set to drop on January 13th at 11a.m. KST. Read below for all the details on all the members’ merch drops.

BTS Is Designing Their Own Merch, Here’s Everything You Need To Know