BTS’s Jin Is “Sold Out King” As His Merch Sells Out In A Matter Of Minutes Despite Previous Concerns Over High Prices

Did you score any of Jin’s merch??

When BTS‘s “Artist-Made Collection” was announced, ARMYs were beyond excited to see what kind of merch the 7 members would design and release.

Each member was given their own release date as they created their own line of merch. With each drop, they were given a space to also show ARMYs what they designed. Think QVC.

Eldest member Jin was the first to go as he revealed the “Good Day” and “Bad Day” Pajama Sets as well as an ergonomic pillow that he wanted ARMYs to be able to gain comfort from after a long day.

ARMYs were shocked to hear about the pricing of the pajama sets, with even Jin chiming in on the high pricing. No matter the price though, Jin’s merch officially went on market on the Weverse Shop on January 4th 11 a.m. KST and sold out in a matter of minutes.

ARMYs were quick to point out the hilarious situation as ARMYs were concerned over the high prices just a day prior to then sold out the merch upon release.

Jin showed that he was a true “Sold Out King” by selling out his merch on the Global, USA, and Japan Weverse Shops!

The Japan Weverse Shop sold out in only 7 minutes!

And in only 25 minutes across all shops!

One wise ARMY seems to have predicted this before the merch went on sale.

But is it really surprising when BTS is putting their heart and soul behind their project?

ARMYs couldn’t be prouder as they trended “EAT WELL JIN” and “SOLD OUT KING JIN” on Twitter shortly after.

We can’t wait to see the other members release their merch as well! Read more about RM’s merch below.

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