BTS’s RM Nearly Spoiled His Artist-Made Collection Months Ago, And ARMYs Are Just Now Realizing

We’ve connected the dots…

The wait is over. BTS‘s very own “artist-made” merch collection for ARMY is here to start the new year. Jin was the first to reveal his designs for pajamas and merch, and on January 3, it was the time for BTS’s leader, RM, to finally share his creations.


RM’s love for both traditional yet modern and minimalist art as well as warmth and comfort played a huge part in his designing. One of his two items to be released are comfortable but tasteful sweat sets in gray and black.


Additionally, there is a unique piece that shows his true artistry. It’s a wind chime with a bungeo-ppang (Korean fish-shaped pastry) dangling from the bell.


While we’re loving RM’s unique designs, there’s something quite familiar about the sweatpants despite being newly released…

Our official “Spoiler King” RM held a live broadcast back in July of 2021. During it, he explained why “Permission to Dance” has no rap verses and showed off his OOTD. By doing so, he teased that his gray jogging pants held a “secret” about that day’s schedule. He told fans that they could look forward to finding out what his pants’ secret is.

There’s a secret behind these pants. I’m wearing them right now, but it’s a secret. I feel like I showed you guys everything, but there’s a huge secret hiding within these pants so please look forward to it.

— RM


At the time, ARMYs’ minds went wild, imagining what the “secret” within the pants might be. Boy, were our guesses wrong…

Now, we finally know what that secret is. It’s so obvious as we think about it.

If you look back at the video, you’ll notice that RM was carefully placing his hand to the side of the pants quite suspiciously. It seemed as though he’s trying to cover something up… Perhaps, a logo?


That’s exactly what it was! He had to have known that if ARMYs saw the iconic BTS logo, we would be able to tell it was new merch.

Looking even closer, you can see that the new “ARMY JOGGER PANTS” and RM’s pants worn in the live broadcast have the same lining.


He thought he was slick, and, well, he totally was… We truly never would have imagined that it was his own self-designed merchandise he was wearing.

And based on what else RM said during the live broadcast, the filming that he mentioned must be his upcoming making-of log or the “ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION ‘SHOW’ BY BTS.”


We hope that we’ll see some of the members model the sweats just as Suga, Jimin, and V did for Jin’s merchandise. There are no better models than BTS, after all.

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This is not the only epiphany we’ve had. We’re also remembering that during Run BTS! episode 143, RM had the brilliant idea of BTS designing their own merch… So, we can thank him for the entire artist-made collection!

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