BTS’s Jin Is On ARMYs’ Side About His Merch’s Pricing, Here’s ARMYs Priceless Reactions On Twitter

You know it’s expensive when even Jin was shocked at the price!

Earlier last week, it was announced that BTS would be releasing a collection of merchandise all specially designed and created by the members themselves.

With this “Artist Made Collection,” each of the members would get a chance to market their merch lines as well as have a release date specific to their merch only.

Of course, the release schedule had Mr. WorldWide Handsome go first and Jin did not disappoint.

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter
| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

Jin’s merch was a set of pajamas in two different designs, and a pillow! ARMYs might not have realized it before, but Jin had been promoting his own goods months prior to the official release!

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

Of course leading up to the release, ARMYs were already contemplating how exactly they were going to afford the new BTS merchandise and once the official prices for Jin’s pajamas and pillow were out…you could say it was a bit of a shock.

| Weverse Global Shop

The pillow, ergonomically-designed, will retail for ₩69,000 KRW (about $58.00 USD), while the pajama sets were a whopping ₩119,000 KRW (about $100 USD) per set.

ARMYs weren’t the only ones shook at the price, as Jin himself took to Weverse to share his shock at the price tag.

| Weverse

I did ask them to use a nice material for the pajamas..but even I was shocked at the price

ARMYs were quick to recognize that Jin had nothing to do with the pricing of his merch, and took to Twitter to give their two cents. And of course, ARMYs’ reactions, although totally justified, gave us quite a chuckle!

Scroll below for some of our favorite reactions.

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BTS’s Jin Personally Responds To ARMYs’ Concerns About The Price Of His New Merch