BTS’s V Shares Unexpected Workout TMIs During His Recent Weverse Live

It started with just one bombastic TMI.

On April 19, KST, BTS‘s V surprised fans with a live broadcast on Weverse, right from his car while he was on his way home from HYBE.

During the livestream, the singer shared his current playlist, which included Daniel Caesar‘s latest album, talked about his day, and shared some stories of what happened when all seven members of BTS gathered the day before to see off J-Hope at his military training camp.

V had initially started the livestream on Instagram, but after failing to figure out how to turn on the comments there, he quickly switched to Weverse, where he started a new broadcast with the title “Picnic.” But at the very beginning, he clarified that he was not actually out picnicking. In fact, he was heading back from HYBE after a workout session at the gym.

The vibe of the livestream was very casual from the get-go, and V was responding to the comments. Suddenly, he decided to share a “big” TMI with ARMYs regarding his exercise habits. He revealed that he works out bare feet in the gym, but interestingly, they don’t seem to get dirty afterward.

Though this TMI is shocking enough on its own, during the livestream, V went on to share some more TMIs about his gym session and dieting. He said that he only started working out after sending off J-Hope. Before that, he was apparently spending most of his time at home, reluctant to step out. Jimin was supposed to join him for a joint workout session, but he was a no-show in the end.

Apart from exercising, V also revealed that he is on a diet, but not intentionally. He is currently suffering from Stomatitis, or mouth sores, which has made it very difficult for him to eat.

Wish you a speedy recovery, V!


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