BTS’s V Proves That He’s A True Social Butterfly While In Las Vegas

It included his idols and veteran actor Kang Dong Won!

The BTS members are currently in Las Vegas for their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS shows. Of course, with only four shows and a lot of time to spend enjoying some time in the city, the group has been enjoying their time and having a well-earned rest.

In particular, since arriving in America, one member who has gained attention for his “social butterfly” status is V!


As soon as the group landed in America for the 2022 GRAMMYs, V was out and about, meeting and hanging out with celebrities. Whether it was plucking up the courage and finally meeting his idol Lady Gaga during the event…

| @CBS/ Twitter 

Or meeting Jon Batiste and hanging out like long-time besties, V was cementing his status as a true “Social Butterfly.”

Jon Batiste (left) with BTS’s V (right) | @JonBatiste/ Instagram
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Although the group is in the midst of their tour, V has been using his free time to meet up with people from across the world and has gained attention for it.

In particular, on April 10, the executive producer of the hit show Pachinko, Theresa Kang-Lowe, updated her social media with a picture of herself, fashion designer Eva Chow with V, and none other than well-renowned actor Kang Dong Won.

In a caption, she wrote, “A great night for Koreans and global love for BTS. Thank you, Eva Chow, Kang Dong Won, and V.

(left to right) BTS’s V, Theresa Kang-Low, Eva Chow, and Kang Dong Won | Naver

If that wasn’t enough, Korean American songwriter Brian Lee also posted a picture of himself, V, and Kang Dong Won on his Instagram.

(from left to right) BTS’s V, Brian Lee, and Kang Dong Won | @bleemusic14/ Instagram

The reason why the images stood out to ARMYs is not only the fact that Kang Dong Won is a veteran actor but the fact that he is one of V’s idols! ARMYs shared past clips of the idol sharing his love for the actor when the pictures were posted.

When asked about his role model during an interview, V explained that it was Kang Dong Won because of his links to V’s hometown.

I’m from the countryside and he graduated from my hometown school. He’s not from Geochang but graduated from Geochang High. I thought, ‘Wow, a star can be born in Geochang.’

— V

| @Taehyung_India_/ Twitter 

Another clip that has resurfaced showed V and Jungkook re-enacting a scene from one of Dong Won’s iconic movies called Temptation of Wolves!

With the group still in Las Vegas for at least another week, hopefully, V has some more free time to meet up with new people and showcase just how in-demand he is! All of the BTS members have always been effortless around people they meet, and they continue to showcase that they have personalities that people love.

You can read more about V being a social butterfly below.

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