BTS’s V Treats ARMYs To Setlist Spoilers Ahead Of Their “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL” Shows

V is offering a true fan service!

There are only a few days left until BTS starts their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows in Seoul. Of course, even those who can’t attend in person have found ways to watch the show, whether in theatres or online streaming.

With such a global audience watching, of course, many ARMYs want some hints or spoilers about what to expect.

BTS on stage for “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” | @Kpop_herald/ Twitter

It seems like March 8 was the day where fans were treated to a whole heap of spoilers. In an article, the director of the Seoul shows Ha Jung Jae shared some TMI from what fans can expect and even spilled that two songs that were definitely on the setlist were “ON” and “Black Swan.”

Music video for “ON” | HYBE Labels/ YouTube
Music video for “Black Swan” | HYBE Labels/ YouTube   

If that wasn’t enough for fans, another spoiler came later in the day but whether it was on purpose or not is still to be decided, and it’s all because of BTS’s V!


Over the past few days, the members of BTS have been sharing photos of themselves, counting down to the first show in Seoul, which will take place on March 10. With two days to go, it was V’s turn, and he shared some pictures from what looked like the group’s rehearsals at Olympic Stadium.

| @bts_twt/ Twitter
| @bts_twt/ Twitter

However, it seems like V gave ARMYs more than they bargained for. Eagle-eyed netizens quickly saw the prompters on the stage showcasing the lyrics for “Life Goes On” and confirmed Ha Jung Jae’s statement that “ON” was also on the setlist.

If that wasn’t enough, V then shared some more pictures on his Instagram story, and he was definitely giving spoilers galore. In one of the images, V was on his phone. But ARMYs eyes were on the small screen in the background, which read, “Outro: Wings.”

| @thv/ Instagram

When all the pictures were shared, ARMYs couldn’t believe how easily V was giving hints about what they could expect from the concert.



They also couldn’t stop praising V, who had done a much better job of giving ARMYs proper spoilers than the other members. While V showed real proof about what fans could expect, Jin only shared that “Super Tuna” wasn’t on the list, and Suga even clowned ARMYs on his recent birthday broadcast.


With these hints, it isn’t surprising that ARMYs are getting more and more excited about the shows. No matter what the other songs are, and with different setlists confirmed for each of the three shows, it will be an exciting event for everyone watching.

You can read more about spoilers for PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE below.

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Source: @bts_twt and @thv


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