Call Me “Master” — V Recasts BTS’s Staff As His Servants

He took his role very seriously.

BTS‘s resident actor got a little too into his role on Run BTS! 

V | Run BTS!/V Live

In Episode 145, BTS returned to “BTS Village” as a painter (Jungkook), a magistrate (RM), a physiognomist (Jin), a teacher (Suga), a royal inspector (J-Hope), a handsome bachelor (Jimin), and a warrior (V). Their mission? Recover the stolen ARMY headstone and catch the thieves!

BTS | Run BTS!/V Live 

With a false beard and a warrior’s garb, V transformed into a noble hero of old. As the plot thickened, V’s character developed. Soon, even the staff was caught up in his improv!

“When you call me, please say ‘master’,” V told his “servants.” “Got it?” 

| Run BTS!/V Live   

Normally, BTS’s staff members are silent characters, blending into the background while filming. This silence, however, wasn’t working for V. He wanted to hear their voices! They obliged.

| Run BTS!/V Live

Actor V took things one step further by naming his servants. Dolsoe and Pandong, welcome to the main cast!

| Run BTS!/V Live 

Even Jimin, who had embraced his own role, was surprised by how immersed V was in the “concept.” He laughed, watching V interact with Dolsoe and Pandong.

| Run BTS!/V Live   

How did the staff feel about all this? They enjoyed V’s antics and could be heard laughing behind the camera throughout the show.

| Run BTS!/V Live

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