BTS’s Suga Ignores Jimin’s Orders Just Because He Can 

The saga continues.

Suga and Jimin: the bickering saga continues!

Jimin | Run BTS!/V Live

Suga lives by his own rules, and the same is true for Run BTS! games. If he wants to run, he’ll run. If he doesn’t, he’ll…snack?

| Run BTS!/V Live 

In Episode 145 of Run BTS!, BTS continued their “BTS Village” mystery. Each member was given a costume and a role, but Suga brought something extra to the Joseon era: attitude.

Suga | Run BTS!/V Live

At the beginning of Run BTS! episodes, a member shouts, “Run!” and the rest join in with, “BTS!” BTS has a history of sabotaging Jimin’s intros, but he isn’t giving up his “Opening Fairy” role.

| Run BTS!/V Live

For this intro, Jimin wanted his members to feign death when he drew a sword.

| Run BTS!/V Live

They agreed to go along with it, but when the time came…

| Run BTS!/V Live

…Suga didn’t “die!”

| Run BTS!/V Live

Jimin wasn’t having this. “Pretend you are dead,” he said, playfully kicking Suga down. The members burst out laughing.

| Run BTS!/V Live

To add insult to injury, Suga called Jimin “jobless!” “I find it odd that you’re the only jobless one,” Suga said. Jimin defended himself by saying, “I’m the handsome bachelor.” Indeed!

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