BTS’s V Has Started To Keep A Diary, Here’s Why

He brought up his diary, and how it helps him write songs.

The reasons for writing in a diary are as varied as the people whose memories are immortalized in them. Recently, BTS‘s V has started to keep one of his own.

On March 6, V and RM hosted a live broadcast while waiting to perform on Music Bank. In this “R&V” broadcast, they talked about V’s MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 solo, “Inner Child”, and his current songwriting projects, and more.

“I tend to write what I’ve felt into the lyrics,” V said while discussing “Inner Child”.  “Recently, I try to keep a diary, though it may be only one line.” 

V’s diary serves multiple purposes. It gives him a place to jot down lyrics, relieve stress, and store feelings the might help him to write songs later on.

When we work, or when we prepare something, among many emotions, if I feel stressed and if I don’t have a person to talk to, I thought it would be great to put my feelings into words in a diary. Or, I could put my feelings into the lyrics. It eventually becomes, it could become my career. So I started to write…I just started writing lyrics even though there is no melody. It becomes a valuable asset. I loved it since it leaves a footprint of my emotions.

— V

RM agreed that writing down your emotions is a great way to preserve them. “Normally, people say that emotions volatilize after that moment,” he said. “It disappears in the sky. Most emotions disappear.” 

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