BTS “Stay Gold” Broadcast Launches V Into Greater Superstardom—And Gives Him A New Nickname

It’s a safe bet that now everyone will know who he is.

Once again, BTS‘s V is making a name for himself with his deep, emotional voice and dashing good looks.

On June 22, BTS held a live broadcast on CDTV Live (a Japanese late-night music broadcast show) for promotion of their fourth Japanese studio album Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~ and the album’s title track “Stay Gold.”

During the broadcast discussion, V offered his interpretation of the title track and its meaning.

It’s not just about good things in the world, but also about not forgetting to shine.


Fans and music critics have long been in love with V’s vocals, which contain a smooth, deep, soulful tone that can fit any genre. It’s the kind of voice that can reach deep into one’s heart and make them really feel the song’s lyrics, not just hear them.

V’s voice has earned him the nicknames of “healing voice” and “emotional vocal.” Fans love listening to his rich, sexy baritone voice in BTS’s songs, and his voice always leaves a strong impression on listeners.

V was already exceptionally popular in Japan due to that unique and alluring voice, but during and after the broadcast, V experienced soaring interest from Japanese viewers. Much like he was “the guy in the black” or “the guy in the bandana” at the Grammys, he quickly became known as “the guy with glasses.”

The voice of the guy wearing the glasses is so smooth and so cool. I learned the name of the guy wearing glasses and decided to join the fancub. I don’t really know BTS, but that man [V] is so amazing. I fell in love with his green microphone. I want to hear more of his singing. Where can I hear it?


When the broadcast was finished, V was the only member of BTS that remained ranked in Japan’s celebrity rankings. He additionally ranked 50th in Japan’s Hot 100 Yahoo Searches and was the only member to appear on CDTV-related Google search terms. On Twitter, the search prompts such as “man with glasses” and “BTS, glasses” were auto-filled search phrases.

NAVER Matome, a community site that also contains small forums, received a lot of comments, questions, and reactions about V from netizens. One of the articles, titled “A Handsome Man With Dark Hair on the Left, Wearing Glasses and Holding a Green Microphone,” became the second most viewed article written about the broadcast.

It’s clear that wherever he goes, V will always attract the eyes and ears of those around him. From his breathtaking handsomeness to his soothing, passion-filled voice, there’s quite honestly nothing not to love about him.

Check out the beautiful performance of “Stay Gold” below: