Why BTS’s V Still Gets Nervous When Performing Live

It’s the cutest reason!

BTS‘s V still gets nervous even after all these years of performing live.


BTS went from handing out flyers to potential concert-goers to now selling-out stadiums with a 100K capacity…

From left: V, Jimin, and Jungkook | Mnet
BTS concert

Despite performing so many concerts to large crowds, V expressed he still gets nervous. In a recent interview with ELLE KOREA, he explained why he chose to go to the Ilchi Art Hall rather than the Olympic Stadium in the Run BTS! 2022 Special Episode.

ELLE KOREA: In the episode where each BTS member went to their meaningful place, you went to the Ilchi Art Hall while the other members went to the Olympic Stadium.

V: The place where we had our debut showcase was the most memorable for me. I think it symbolizes the beginning of us and it reminds me of our unforgettable moments.

From left: Suga, V, RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and J-Hope of BTS. | Weverse

This sparked the interviewer to ask if V gets “nervous or excited” while performing, considering the different venues he has performed. One would automatically assume that performing is second nature now for an artist like him, but…

You’ve been on so many stages. Do you still get nervous or excited?


V revealed that he still gets nervous. The reason why is actually because of ARMYs!

I still get nervous seeing our fans up close.

— V

He certainly has had us fooled! V totally radiates confidence and charisma while performing.

The K-Pop idol explained that he actually gets both nervous and excited when he sees ARMYs up close. The feeling is mutual, V!

There’s quite a distance between the stage and the audience. So whenever I meet them up close, I get excited and nervous.

— V

In the same interview, V was asked, “The moment when you felt people’s deep affection?” Again, his answer was centered around ARMY.

Definitely from ARMY. They write to me on Weverse almost daily and I constantly realize and feel their deep affection and love towards me.

— V

V’s love for ARMY is unlike any other! It’s no wonder he considers them more as friends than fans. Read more below.

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Source: Elle Korea