“You Became A Bear” — BTS’s V Explains The Real Reason For His Iconic Chubby Cheeks During “Fake Love” Era

It’s not just because his grandma loved them! 🤣

During the latest episode of BTS Suga‘s Suchwita, he talked with V about the group’s hardships they endured in the past.

BTS’s V and Suga | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Looking back on their past selves, they were able to appreciate everything they went through and feel excited for “Chapter 2,” also known as the future of BTS post-military service.

V explained that because of these difficult experiences, he was able to become a healthier version of himself.

Not only is V healthier mentally, he also looks more in shape, according to Suga.

You’re working out a lot!

— Suga

This contrasted greatly with his appearance in 2018 where he showed a more plump version of himself, according to Suga.

In 2018, you got so stressed. You stress ate and became a bear during ‘Fake Love.’

— Suga

We were like, ‘What did you eat?’ I still remember your face became this big!

— Suga

Many ARMYs had fallen head over heels for this time period where V’s adorable “chubby cheeks” had become much more prominent!

Living up to one of his nicknames, V had completely become a bear with his round and cute face.

However, now knowing it was due to stress eating, ARMYs are happy to see V the healthiest he’s ever been currently.