BTS’s V Clowns A Translator For Censoring His Swearing At “PERMISSION TO DANCE” Las Vegas Concert

He said what he said!

You never know what will go down at a BTS concert, but one thing’s for certain; it’s always entertaining!


On April 8 and 9, BTS held their first two PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS shows at Allegiant Stadium. As always, went out of his way to make sure fans were enjoying the show. He gave a fan his ARMY Bomb lightstick…

…tossed a bouquet of flowers…

…played around with his members…

…and teased the translator?

At one concert, BTS experienced some minor technical difficulties. “We had trouble with the screen earlier,” V explained. “and I was thinking, ‘Aish jenjang!'” In other words, “Oh, sh*t!”

The translator toned down V’s swearing by translating “sh*t” as “shoot,” but V wasn’t having that! He turned around and said to the translator, “It’s not shoot though.” 

Much to V’s delight, the translator corrected his translation to “sh*t“…

…and fans are loving it, too!

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