Here’s How Much It Costs To Look As Good As BTS’s V At The Airport

His bag is how much?! 🤯

BTS‘s V recently departed from Incheon Airport to New York for his solo schedule. Not only did he impress fans with his polite behavior, he also wowed netizens with his luxurious airport fashion.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram 

The focal point of his look is his Sonic Striped Polo Shirt from Wales Bonner ($330 USD). The brown and beige shirt is perfect for V who loves rocking academia-inspired fashion.

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He paired it with some wide-leg brown slacks, completing his autumn palette of neutral colors.

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However, the most luxurious piece of all is his gorgeous bag! The Delvaux Brilliant L’XXL in Dream Calf-Vegetal costs upwards of $10,000 USD!

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For the finishing touches, he kept it lowkey with adidas Originals Bw Army Sneakers In White With Gum Sole ($105 USD)…

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…and his Viuum Stylefit Classic 2D mask ($37 USD per pack).

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Turning the airport into his runway, V always makes a statement in his trendy outfits!

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Take a look at more of his iconic airport looks below.

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