BTS’s V Takes ARMY Behind The Scenes Of His Trip To Paris For CELINE’s Fashion Show

Check out his 20+ photos cataloging his trip so far!

While in Paris for CELINE‘s fashion show, BTS‘s V is sharing his entire journey with fans! Check out what he shared with ARMY so far.

1. His stunning CELINE outfit

From his sequined shirt to his stunning necklace, he was totally sparkling!

However, ARMYs agree that the best accessory of all is his flawless face!

2. Casually making a suit look oh-so comfortable

As expected of V, he looks chic wherever he goes…

…even courtside!

3. Getting a bite to eat

He turned a restaurant into his own personal photoshoot.

4. Soaking in the romantic atmosphere of Paris

He thought the view was stunning…

…but fans agree that he’s even more gorgeous!

5. Taking a private jet

As always, he traveled in style…

…and took a nap in style!

Source: @thv/Instagram