BTS’s V Has A Secret Weapon While He’s Dancing

Only observant ARMY know this! 👀

While filming for his solo debut album Layover, BTS‘s V showed off his unique flair through his stunning concepts, unmatched charisma, and cool dance moves.

Specifically, V enjoyed the style of slow and groovy choreography…

…even though it was still a lot of work to perform!

When working behind the scenes, he revealed the one thing that helps boost his confidence when dancing and “transforms” him into a whole new person.

It’s none other than his hat!

The moment he had to take it off, he could immediately feel a difference.

Hat, I miss you. My dance shines when you’re with me. To be without Hat, me without Hat, is incomplete.

— V

Even though ARMYs love to see his gorgeous face, fans can tell just how confident and cool V feels the moment he puts on a hat!

Throughout the years, he proves it adds to his stage presence…

…and gives him a whole new identity!