V Floods Social Media With OT7 Videos For BTS’s 10th Anniversary

This is so sweet!

BTS‘s V celebrated the group’s 10th anniversary since their debut with a bunch of sentimental, funny, and adorable videos throughout the years. Across each of the videos, he put a few words of his full message. Check out everything he posted below!

It’s already our 10 year anniversary since we debuted.. To our members, thank you for being healthy and making good memories together for 10 years. ARMY, thank you so much. Thanks to you, we gain strength and do [what we do]. In the future, please continue to take care of your health and have only happy days. That’s all we hope/wish for. ☺️ I purple you. ApoBangpo. There are so many videos, so I’ll release them again on our 20th anniversary. Bye✋

— V

1. Working out with RM

2. Eating with the group

3. Goofy Hobi

4. Cooking on Run BTS!

5. Typical V

6. The beach with Jimin

7. Being silly during filming

8. Energetic Jimin

9. With Chris Martin

10. Behind the scenes

11. Spilling his food

12. Wait for it

13. Dance practice

14. Snack break

15. In the choreography room

16. Dynamite

17. Group photo