Here’s How Soulmates BTS’s V And Jimin Pass The Time On Set

95z friendship is so chaotic!

You just can’t separate BTS‘s 95 line, Jimin and V!

Whether they’re in the midst of filming or behind the scenes, they always get into mayhem!

Most recently, they had their fair share of fun during a “Butter” performance shoot where they released all of their chaotic energy in between takes.

While the hair stylists and makeup artists worked on them, they passed their time working out with a chair…

…and even practicing proper form!

You have to straighten your arms!

— V

Next, Jimin had a throwback moment where he whispered to the camera, just like he always used to do!

However, getting caught by V might have been a little embarrassing!

It’s what we used to do when we debuted!

— Jimin

As long as these two have each other to play with, they’ll never get bored!

Watch the whole video of the duo playing games below.