BTS’s V Has A Brand New Catchphrase That He Can’t Stop Saying, And It’s Too Cute

British ARMYs will know this!

BTS‘s V broke his recent break from social media to greet ARMYs on Weverse! He’s back with a brand new catchphrase and it’s just so him.

When an ARMY posted their feelings about missing V and always wanting him to be healthy and happy, he responded with the simple and adorable phrase, “Lovely jubbly.”

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He didn’t stop there! Later, he posted it again, making it evident that this saying strikes a chord with him. So, what does “lovely jubbly” even mean?

| Weverse

According to the BBC, this British slang is an exclamation that’s used to express happiness. It might be something you say when you hear good news or have some good luck.

It’s possible V used the phrase to let ARMYs know he’s doing well. However, some fans have hypothesized a variety of reasons he could be using it. Perhaps it’s something he learned from Chris Martin of Coldplay

…or as ARMYs tend to believe, there’s always a chance V is spoiling some upcoming music or project from BTS!

That guess might not be too far off the mark: V has been known to provide subtle spoilers in his social media posts.

Whether it’s alluding to something to come or just his new catchphrase, V definitely earned himself a new nickname as ARMY’s Lovely Jubbly!