BTS’s V Updates ARMYs On His Mixtape…But It’s Not The News We Were Hoping For

He did WHAT to the songs?!

BTS‘s V has revealed some new updates on Weverse regarding the upcoming release of his first mixtape, dubbed KTH1 by fans.

V has already spoiled ARMYs with some snippets of songs on various platforms including Instagram and Twitter. However, it seems everything fans have heard so far isn’t planned for his mixtape! When a fan asked him about his song “Travel With Me,” his response came as a surprise to many people.

Ah lol all the songs I upload are not going on the mixtape, I deleted them after uploading it

I apologize in advance, I don’t even remember 😅

— V

In addition, fans asked about the song he posted on Instagram featuring a peaceful piano and lovestruck lyrics. However, he had a similar answer about throwing the files away. As V is known for deleting his social media posts, it seems he does the same with his song files!

Since this is recent.. should I look for it in the trash? I wish I hadn’t emptied it Just hate my thumb🥲👍

— V

However, this isn’t too shocking for ARMYs. Knowing he wants only perfection for his mixtape, V previously revealed how selective he is of which songs he wants to include. This results in him getting rid of a lot of songs during the creation process.

Luckily, he also left fans with some good news! When an ARMY asked about his mixtape release date, his answer is promising.

I’ll release it within the year!

— V

ARMYs can keep waiting patiently for V’s mixtape since it will definitely be worth the wait!


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