BTS’s V Dives Into The “Ocean” To Make His Members Laugh And It’s Classic TaeTae Behavior

The way he jumped. 😂

BTS‘s V will do just about anything to make the people around him burst out in laughter.

From being unashamed of the funny faces he shows to ARMY to putting on hilarious skits for his members, there’s nothing he won’t do for a good laugh — including jump right into the ocean!

On episode 151 of Run BTS!, BTS used Zoom while enjoying their stay-cation at the Josun Palace Hotel. It only took a matter of time for V to start messing with hilarious virtual webcam backgrounds, including the beach!

He immediately got everyone’s attention and was challenged by Jin to take a dive.

However, V was more than ready for it! He flips perfectly off-screen into the “water,” causing the members to crack up hysterically.

The behind-the-scenes view shows the acrobatics he did across his bed to pull off the scene.

Perhaps the cutest moment of all is his proud facial expression at the end!

You can always count on V to cause some laughter!