BTS’s V Warms ARMY’s Hearts With His Doll-Like Visuals As A Radio DJ

Check out the crowd that showed up for him! 🤯

Recently, BTS‘s V and Park Hyoshin appeared as Special Double Radio DJs on Kim Eana‘s Starry Night.

V was all smiles as he excitedly greeted fans with aegyo

…and rocked some of his cutest fashion to date!

Video clips show some of the adorable moments of V acknowledging ARMY who came to visit.

ARMY filled the viewing area and cheered V on from the sidelines…

…and he even made his way over to greet them!

Additionally, he excitedly danced to “Permission to Dance” in front of the crowd…

…and even did a miniature cover of Crush‘s “Rush Hour” featuring J-Hope!

Adorable from head to toe, he spruced up a simple white t-shirt and jeans outfit with a bright yellow cardigan and a warm beanie.

Whether you’re viewing the show in person or online, V is definitely feeling the love from ARMY.

With that cute face, it’s impossible to not love him! 💜