BTS’s V Takes RM’s Crown As The New “Spoiler King” And Drops A Clue About The New Album

ARMY can always rely on him for a hint!

When BTS‘s RM and V get bored, they hop on social media to answer all of ARMY’s most burning questions. As expected, fans couldn’t stop asking about BTS’s upcoming album that’s set for release on June 10.

Previously known as BTS’s “spoiler king,” fans can always rely on RM to drop something…until now!

When an ARMY asked him for a hint about what fans can expect from the album, he confidently stood his ground and refused to give out any info.

ARMY: Why don’t you give us an album spoiler?
RM: Because it’s a spoiler?

| Weverse

However, it didn’t take long for V to step up and accidentally reveal something exciting!

In the midst of RM’s spam, V went on Weverse to answer a fan and gave a little bit too much information.

ARMY: Will I regret it if I eat something at this time (of the night)….

V: I’m eating rabokki and kimbap. We have a shoot tomorrow though 🤷🏼‍♂️

| Weverse

It seems V was too invested in his delicious food that he didn’t realize he spilled some important info to fans!

Whether he’s referring to a music video shoot…

…or a photo shoot, we’ll just have to wait and find out. However, it’s good to know that exciting things are on the way!

Who knows what other kinds of info V will give us in the coming weeks leading up to the album!