Want To Spend A Cozy Weekend With BTS’s V? Here’s Everything He Loves To Do

This is his recipe for a perfect weekend!

Recently, BTS‘s V told Weverse all about his ideal weekend without work and listed all of his favorite homebody activities.

As an introvert, V loves recharging on his weekends by staying in as much as he can.

A weekend without work is when I sleep in to get some really good rest. Or, I stay home, sleeping, eating, watching movies, and just goofing around for an entire week without ever going out.

— V

Part of that recovery includes ordering food right to his house so he doesn’t have to make anything.

I order everything! I recommend jjajangmyeon. (Laughs)

— V

As a lover of wine, he loves having a drink at night. However, his unique taste shows how down to earth he is about his alcohol!

I like reasonably priced wine. Expensive wine doesn’t fit me that well. (Laughs)

— V

Movie nights are a must during a relaxing weekend for V. He recommended ARMY some movies he recently watched that are worth checking out.

I recently watched A Better Tomorrow and Days Of Being Wild. It was my first time watching them. They were a lot of fun.

— V

Plus, if you’re lucky, you might catch him playing with ARMY on Instagram or Weverse during his downtime.

Some of his other hobbies include playing with his precious pup Yeontan

…and playing the trumpet!

It sounds like a cozy weekend indoors with V would be the perfect way to recharge!

Source: Weverse