BTS’s V Holds The Record For Shortest Weverse Broadcast…But It’s Not His Shortest Broadcast Ever

Here’s what happened in the chaotic 55 seconds. 🤣

BTS‘s V has taken the title of “shortest Weverse live broadcast” with his recent hilarious stream that lasted a whopping 1 minute and 36 seconds. However, long before the days of Weverse, V had already broken this record with a 55 second livestream!

His most recent stream was started because he wanted to test out the updated Weverse livestream function…

…while his original shortest livestream back on VLIVE was for one specific purpose — to show off his impressions!

He chose to do impressions of cartoon penguin Pingu and his family from the clay animation series Pingu.

Pingu and his family.

For each impression, V covered the screen to focus on nailing each character’s voice just right.

He also did an impression of Pingu’s dad…

…Pingu’s mom…

…and even Pingu eating fish!

After that, he quickly said his goodbyes and concluded BTS’s shortest live broadcast ever.

It seems V has officially taken first and second place for the title!

Listen to his full adorable impressions of each character below.