BTS’s V Takes The Title For “Top Face Of 2022” — Here Are The Other Top 10

He earned over 1/3 of all the votes!

For many years now, BTS‘s V has been named as one of the most handsome visual representations of K-Pop in the modern age, and it’s easy to see why!


In fact, he’s had a record number of mentions in “Most Handsome”-themed lists in the past decade, praised for his perfect blend of masculine and feminine features and having a near-perfect “golden ratio” when it comes to his handsome face.

And now, he can add yet another title to his already extensive list of rankings on these types of charts! Recently, entertainment platform Special Awards held their annual “Top Faces of the Year: Handsome and Beautiful 2022”, in which they ranked the best male and female visuals in the Asian entertainment industry.

For the second year in a row, V comes in at #1 on the list, earning around 37.1% of the total votes.

In second place comes the female K-Pop idol with the highest ranking on the list: BLACKPINK‘s gorgeous and talented maknaeLisa!

Third place goes to another BTS member, and the maknae of their group, the endlessly entertaining and visually appealing Jungkook.

Another BLACKPINK member, Jennie, snagged the fourth place on the list, which definitely wouldn’t have been complete without her.

BLACKPINK’s official visual, Jisoo, comes in fifth, with her graceful beauty and elegance radiating from the picture chosen of her.

K-Pop idol and famous actor Cha Eunwoo of ASTRO comes in at sixth, which isn’t too surprising given how much his visuals are praised these days!

The third and final BTS member on the “Top Face of the Year” list is taken by none other than their official visual, Jin, who comes in seventh.

K-Pop idols weren’t the only celebrities that made the list — famous Thai actor and model Win Metawin takes the eighth-place position with his handsome visuals!

The second and last non-K-Pop idol to make the list is Bright Vachirawit, another Thai actor well-known for his talents and dazzling good looks.

And finally, the celebrity in tenth place is NCT‘s strong and handsome Jeno, the only artist representing his label SM Entertainment on the list!

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Source: Naver