BTS V’s Brought Back His Iconic “TATA Mic” Face During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE,” But His Members Also Got In On The Fun

Everyone loves this iconic meme!

Whenever the BTS members get on stage, there is no denying that fans will be treated to a fantastic show full of energy, talent, and personality. One person who always gives ARMYs this is BTS’s V. Alongside being very handsome, he is also hilarious and likes to showcase his more quirky side!


In particular, e moment from V, which is definitely iconic, is the meme of BTS’s V, often referred to as “TATA Mic.” It is a reference to the time V attempted to “trick” the staff into giving him a Baby TATA (V’s BT21 character) Bluetooth microphone during BTS’s 2021 FESTA.

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It is a meme loved by fans worldwide, and as the group is currently performing their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert in LA, it seemed like the perfect time to bring it back and show it to fans live in person.

During one of their performances, fans noticed that V made the “TATA Mic” face while the members took a break from performing and chatted to fans.

However, after months of the iconic face making an appearance via V, it seems as if the members have learned all about it and have even watched it so intently that they can mimic it perfectly.

After V made the “TATA Mic” face during the concert, fans noticed that J-Hope turned to Jimin and copied the face while also adding his own flair to the iconic meme.

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If that wasn’t enough, fans filming from another angle noticed that Jimin also did his own version of the “TATA Mic” face in response, and it was definitely the funniest thing.

Although it happened during night one of the show, the videos seemed to resurface on November 30 on social media.

When the videos were posted, fans couldn’t get enough of the members copying V! Many thought that it was cute that they had picked up similar habits and could copy the face perfectly. ARMYs also loved that V knows how much fans love the meme!

It isn’t surprising that the members are also very aware of the “TATA Mic” face. Since netizens first noticed the face, V has been doing it at the most random of times to treat ARMYs, from Peakboy’s “GYOPO HAIRSTYLE” music video to episodes of Run BTS!

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With more nights set for the SoFi stadium, ARMYs will no doubt be treated to more hilarious moments from the members. You can read more about this iconic meme below!

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