Here’s 10+ Times BTS’s V Made His Iconic “TATA Mic” Face

It’s been there all along!

You may recall this iconic meme of BTS‘s V, often referred to as “TATA Mic.”

BTS’s V | @itstatamic/Twitter

This is in reference to the time when V attempted to “trick” the staff into giving him a Baby TATA (V’s BT21 character) Bluetooth microphone during BTS’s 2021 FESTA.

During that moment, his facial expression instantly became known as the “TATA Mic” meme among ARMY.

While this was the first time ARMY recognized V’s facial expression, it’s actually more of a common expression of his than you’d think! So, here are 10+ more times V made his iconic “TATA Mic” face…

1. Choi Woo Shik’s “Wooga Squad” Live

This is another more recent moment in which he recognizably made the “TATA Mic” face. He also did it multiple times throughout the live stream!

| @23Andary/Twitter

2. Peakboy’s “GYOPO HAIRSTYLE” music video

While he might have channeled The Great Gatsby meme, he also channeled his own iconic meme.

| 픽보이 – Peakboy Official/YouTube

3. Run BTS! episodes 145-147

In Run BTS!, the members time-traveled to the Joseon Dynasty, yet V’s timeless expression remained.

4. Run BTS! episode 144

Like his TATA mic, he wanted his ramen, and he got it!

| Run BTS!

5. Bangtan Café

VSOPE” did a live broadcast in which they made drinks, and V had some mixed feelings about his citrus smoothie.

6. BangBangCon

During his “Friends” performance with Jimin, we saw a similar expression made.

He even rehearsed it!

7. 2021 FESTA Exam

The 2021 FESTA exam was an experience for us all, including BTS.

8. BTS In The SOOP 2

V makes a similar expression in his first teaser photo released for the second season of BTS In The SOOP.

9. Run BTS! episode 120

In this episode, BTS investigated who broke the ARMY headstone, and V was very suspicious…

| @v_so_fine/Twitter

10. Tokopedia

When BTS did their event with Indonesian technology company Tokopedia, he made this cute expression.

| Tokopedia

11. Live Broadcast

In a live broadcast on December 13, 2016, he did the original face, showing that he has been doing it for at least 5 years now!

12. As a baby

And, for the final proof to show that this iconic expression has been here all along, here is a photo of V as just a baby!

Source: @itstatamic