ARMYs Are Pointing Out Similarities Between BTS’s V And Leonardo DiCaprio, And We Can’t Unsee It

They’re also both incredibly handsome actors!

BTS‘s V was trending on Twitter recently as ARMYs reacted to his cameo in Peakboy‘s new music video for “GYOPO HAIRSTYLE.” Many fans wondered if the raising of his glass was a reference to Song Joong Ki‘s Vincenzo Cassano or Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Gatsby.

Whether or not it was an intended direct reference to Gatsby, ARMYs are now drawing comparisons between the Hollywood actor known for portraying him and V.

| @vamppirev/Twitter

One thing for certain is that they are both quite handsome. Even in casualwear, their visuals make them stand out.

BTS’s V (left) and Leonardo DiCaprio (right) | @vamppirev/Twitter

Another thing they have in common is that they are both incredibly gifted actors. They’re both naturals.

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Even some of their mannerisms and the way they pose for photos is so similar sometimes! Might they be long-lost brothers?

| @vamppirev/Twitter
| @vamppirev/Twitter

They’re both quite the meme kings. Both V and DiCaprio have inspired numerous memes.

Perhaps it is unrelated to their similarities… Nonetheless, let’s not forget this hilarious moment from the Run BTS! x The Game Caterers special.

This wouldn’t be the first time Leonardo DiCaprio has been compared to a BTS member or vice versa. Previously, J-Hope was compared to his character of Jack in Titanic due to styling.

Source: @vamppirev